Quality is not an act, its a habit.


Quality as a way of life - all of our employees are sharing this one important characteristic with me, a strict personal commitment towards an uncompromising quality.


And quality at DEWIMED is not only defined by us, but in the first place by our customers. Being always in a direct and consistent contact with our direct and indirect customers, the doctors and nurses, clinic directors and sterile supply staff, maintenance and service and many more, we always have present possibilities to improve our service and products.


Because this is a major column of our understanding of quality - the permanent disposition to accept new challenges and to make an already very good product even better.

Jobst von Dewitz

Founder & Director of DEWIMED Group

Traditional craftmanship with surgical precision

Over the last century, Tuttlingen has achieved wide popularity all over the world for its traditional artisanry in the making of fine surgical instruments. Close mines offering best-in-class raw materials and the exceptional mindset in regard of quality and precision, which is typical for Tuttlingen engineers resulted over the decades in a‚ medical valley’ – which is home to the big brands of surgical instruments, as well as to the DEWIMED headquarter.

A passion for long-lasting high tech materials

Nationally and internationally standardized, only the best steel compositions can be used for the manufacture of surgical instruments. Working with engineers which invested a life time to achieve mastery in the making of surgical instruments, we exclusively use a special selection of hardened chromium steels to ensure a high mechanical strength and proper functioning. Sufficient corrosion resistance can only be achieved with at least 12,5% of chromium content.


At DEWIMED, we have the same passion for highly specialized and precious materials as usually found in the art of goldsmithing - because we treat every single instrument like a piece of jewelry.